Where Can I Find Discount Disney Tickets ?

You are planning a trip to Disney World soon and would like to know where you can buy tickets for Disney World at a discount.

You should be careful when buying so-called “discount” tickets because there are many who might be out to scam you out of your hard-earned money. However, with a little care you can certainly find some great discounts.

Do you have a Triple A membership? If so you can get a discount that way, although honestly it is not a huge discount. Best and safest way to buy tickets is through authorized dealers only. But this is also usually the most expensive route as well.

Of course you’ve probably heard of people selling time shares and so forth and they will tell you that you can get free or heavily discounted tickets just for listening to their spiel. Be extra cautious when dealing with these folks. If you want to throw away a day listening to them hawk their wares, you might end up with free tickets but is it even worth your time? I do know that this method works but again, please do your due diligence and make sure you are not about to be taken for a ride. (Really, the only rides you want to go on should be at Disney!).

Buy tickets for Disney on Craigslist and eBay at your own risk. Check feedback on eBay. For CL, it really is a risk as there is no way to guarantee the tickets are real.

Are you a Florida resident? There are numerous ways to save with the Florida resident deals. You can now even use their flex pay plan to pay monthly payments for your Disney pass over a year’s time. Total win/win situation. Also there are many plans to choose from including such things as weekday passes, evening only passes, et cetera. This is what I would recommend if you live in the state. Click here for more tips and tricks to saving at Disney.

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