Vietnam travel Some useful advices for backpacker in Vietnam

Xe Om

Xe om is one of most popular small jobs in Vietnam . These motorcycle taxis can be found at every street intersection or crossroads to offer their services. As drivers are Real slalom and familiar with the city, this is a fun and original way to discover Vietnam. Trust in dexterity’s driver and go around the wide avenues and alleyways offering thousand performances. It is best to note beforehand on paper your destination. Short trips usually cost between 20 000 and 30 000 VND but never forget to negotiate before. By tradition and avoid any small scams .The Xe Om always have an extra helmet for their passenger. Not solide  but you will certainly be able to have one helmet decorated by a Mickey or Winnie the Pooh .

Xe om
Xe om

Internet in Vietnam

Vietnam is quite well equipped with ADSL and WI-FI connection, even a small noodle shop has his own label “WIFI” on the front door. Vietnam is the country of South East Asia or the Internet is growing rapidly , more than 30% of households with ADSL. Access to social networks may be sporadic due to control by the authorities, but the connections are pretty good. Internet cafes are becoming increasingly rare. Highlands Coffee on Pham Ngu Lao Street has computers available for guests.

Postcards in Vietnam

Typically, a mail may reach Europe within one week. To send a package, you must show your passport and fill out some forms. Do not close your package before going to the post office, you will be asked to show its contents before being weighed and pay. All shipments entering Vietnam must be checked by customs, which can cause delays.

The language barrier can be very restrictive. Waving his arms like a Neapolitan after a boozy meal, do not suffice. Make sure you bring all your identity papers.


Vietnam’s telephone network (GSM 900/1800) is compatible with most of Asia, Europe and Australia countries but not with North America. You can easily buy a local SIM card including a few hours of conversation for 100 000 VND. Providers most popular mobile telephony Vinaphone , Viettel and Mobifone. For fixed lines, the code of Ho Chi Minh City is 08 and the country code is +84.

If you do not want stories by unlocking your phone, go hence Dang Dung, in District 1, to get a used phone.

Hospitals / Clinics

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi has a number of international standards for clinical care for most minor ailments. It is possible to get there without an appointment, but can you avoid the wait, knowing that the Paris-Match are rare in the waiting rooms. All these centers include internal pharmacies, or the staff speaks English.

Cyclo in Vietnam

The Cyclos rickshaws are disappearing but they are an interesting way of getting to know the city. This machine has a giant padded seat passengers, attached to a bicycle, all controlled by a driver . It will propel you through the maze of traffic. Remember to negotiate the price of your travel in advance and have the extra. Keep in mind however that it is hard work and it deserves a tip. For an hour rickshaw, expect to pay around 40 000 VND.

Motorbikes in traffic in Vietnam

Driving a motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh is a fight. Be sure to understand the local traffic before starting your moto . The red lights are often used as simple decoration. In the backpacker area in Pham Ngu Lao street and De Tham, it will be easy to rent a bike for about $ 6 per day. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Avoid accidents because you will be considered the responsibe who pay in most of cases !

Visa for Vietnam

You can get cheap visa for Vietnam with many providors such as this one at on ly 8 USD for one month visa !

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