Why go to China ?

Here you will find the results of travelers as well as some comments on various aspects of China surveys.We asked travelers who have stayed in China for more than three weeks to answer the following questions:

Do you like China? 97 % of travelers surveyed ( 69 ) say yes !
For various political reasons, China and Chinese are sometimes the victims of a negative image. Therefore, some travelers refuse to consider China as a holiday destination , “Why go to China while Thailand is not far ? ” Maybe because almost all travelers who have had the courage to appreciate China would happily come back and recommend … For a “global” experience , few countries can compete with China !

Are you happily come back ? 96 % of travelers surveyed ( 69 ) say yes !

China is such a huge country it is difficult to see everything at once . Four months barely enough to go around the ” tourist ” sites. However , most of the travelers surveyed would return with pleasure only … pleasure ! It’s that simple .

Would you recommend China? 94 % of travelers surveyed ( 69 ) say yes

Not only the majority of travelers surveyed were happy with their experience , but they were willing to promote this incredible adventure destination .

We also asked to note the following :

Attractions travelers (67): 16.30 / 20 (+)
Excellent overall rating for Chinese attractions. But given the size of the country and its unique culture , China is clearly an attraction in itself . For many travelers , this is the most interesting Asian country : landscapes of dreams, delicate temples , massive monuments , exquisite gardens, … The potential of China is so important that the World Tourism Organization expects China to become the first country visited in the world in 2020. It would be a good idea to get there before the crowd …

Travelers cities (69): 11.19 / 20 (+)
Basically, we’re not going to China to cities. With few exceptions , the idea behind the planning process is more related to considerations of efficiencies (how to get the most people in the shortest space ) than aesthetic or ecological precepts. The urban basic model consists of a good set of towers with concrete , a park in the middle ” of the people” paying and shopping centers . Fortunately, the bustling streets and the different cultural shock rajoutent interest in the scene. And , in some cases as in Chongqing , one is surprised to discover that even the ugliness can be charming …

Landscapes travelers (68) : 17.35 / 20 (+)
A priori , China visit primarily for its cultural heritage. This is the ” traditional” tour : Beijing , Shanghai , Xi’an … In fact, if some visitors are disappointed by the cultural attractions , landscapes put everyone agrees. The choice is extensive and the quality appointments : sand dunes ( Dunhuang ) , snowcapped ( Songpan ) , Alpine Lake ( Tianchi ) Rice Terraces ( Longsheng ) , karst peaks ( Yangshuo ) , canyon (Tiger Leaping ) meadows (Mongolia) , mountains, caves, … With the exception of exotic beaches or jungle , China could be the yardstick of Asia …

Cultural opportunities travelers (67): 14.63 / 20 (+)
Whether monuments, temples , museums and Chinese culture in general , China is well worth a (very) long visit . However, China may leave some people frustrated . Here is a country that prides itself more than 5,000 years of history but the people too busy to make money , not give a damn to live their cultural heritage everyday. ” What strikes the visitor is the monumental failure of the past ” wrote Simon Leys . The past, he explains, is ” both spiritually and physically active invisible ” (1). The cultural atmosphere is definitely better today than it was during the ” Cultural Revolution ” of the late 60s ( the Chinese no longer climb the temples to be photographed ) but it keeps too often kitsch and superficial aspect of the restored monuments to attract the crowd …

Food travelers (69): 17.10 / 20 (-)
This is one of the great pleasures of a trip to China ! The order is sometimes problematic but Chinese food , except may be the most exotically extreme dishes, is undoubtedly one of the best in the world . One of the most varied too, because of all the regional variations. Sichuan dishes are particularly famous ( and spicy ) with specialties such as chicken with peanuts ( gongbao jiding ) , found in most restaurants at the national level , but with more or less success . Prices are generally those of a developing country , that is to say very reasonable. Note however that some dishes “foodies ” and banquets to the taste and high cost pronounced …

Infrastructure travelers (69): 12.17 / 20 (-)
China is on the highway development and improve its infrastructure at the speed of its trains . The roads were considered evil and dangerous there two years are probably in an acceptable condition today and travel times of the year are reduced to year. This does not mean that the roads are safe (but the French roads are they ? ) Or travel in some areas is less about adventure before. But , except during Chinese holiday , you will always find a transport to your destination and it is already a performance.

The cost of traveling (69) : 14.38 / 20 (-)
Just a note: East Coast and major cities are expensive but remote regions or minorities are extremely cheap used ; attractions are expensive but the food is of an excellent quality / price ratio , the transport is not given but local beer costs nothing … Avoid the most expensive places, save your money for what really interest and China becomes a true land of travelers!

Security community ( 69): 16.93 / 20 ( up)
From a Western perspective , China is a relatively safe country. However, criminality ( and executions associated with it ) is increasing. Be on guard is not a bad idea, in large cities or places animated : Monitor your business and hide your ” luxuries ” . Physical attacks against foreigners are very rare and street fighting usually reserved for locals who had a traffic accident …

Cleanliness travelers (69): 9.04 / 20 (+)
If you come to India, you may be impressed by the cleanliness of the streets will be Chinese . Otherwise, this is what a developing country is expected … Whatever : the tourist areas are relatively well maintained and the main streets of major cities may be even cleaner than the streets of Paris … But leave the crowd or push you in a small driveway and you will discover the real dirty China!

Pollution travelers (68): 6.94 / 20 (-)
The lowest score of all the survey! And yes , China is polluted ! According to the World Resources Institute in Washington, nine of the 10 most polluted cities in the world are Chinese ! Overall, air pollution is 300,000 deaths each year . This is due to the unfortunate fact that China uses coal to generate 75 % of its energy . These static , however, should worry more if you plan to work in China that if you pass through some ” black ” cities to visit in the mountains or in the countryside …

The sellers attitude of travelers (33): 11.15 / 20 (+)
An average score for an average behavior. Chinese vendors are usually not aggressive but they can be pressing (when you want to watch ) or asleep ( when you want to buy ) . Moreover, they almost always try to scam their customers , whether Chinese or foreign ( no racism ! ) . This is certainly annoying but it’s somehow part of the rules of shopping in Asia …

The attitude of travelers minorities (49) : 15.27 / 20 (-)
A difficult question with a wide range of responses. Indeed, note how the 55 ethnic minorities in China, which accounted for 7 % of the population ? Most people are friendly but some are clearly more interested in your wallet than your smile … Anyway , the minority areas generally offer / best cost report experiences of China : wild landscapes, charming villages , colorful costumes , traditions , specific dialects … But some regions also have their problems : poor hygiene, poverty , difficult transportation , basic housing , … Getting there is sometimes an adventure. But what an adventure!

The attitude of the Chinese “Han ” travelers (68) : 14.06 / 20 (-)
No, the Chinese are not the ones ” highly ” civilized and sociable some authors ( sadly manipulated ) were presented. But on the other hand , they are not the ” dog eaters who spit on the ground and destroy the temples !” In fact, most travelers recognize that , despite the difficulties to communicate ( if you do not speak Mandarin) , Chinese are friendly, welcoming and helpful. That said, any prolonged stay in China will reach your nerves in one way or another : Chinese live naturally and are still little attention to the genes they may pose to others ( other that is to say ” foreigners ” ) … I invite you to read my essay ” 1.2 billion Mars ” in Culture Shock section for more juicy details .

Entertainment travelers (63): 10.60 / 20 (-)
Travelers do not usually go to China to celebrate and it’s better : they will be less disappointed! In large cities , bars and nightclubs offer some distractions , but in the more remote areas , nightlife means going to shout loudly sing karaoke or watch a kung fu movie . The best factories in the evenings paradise travelers such as Lijiang and Yangshuo but is still really China?

Shopping travelers (66) : 14.61 / 20 (+)
If the products “made in China” Westerners are sometimes tempting for cheap, they are not always in good condition … Better to be limited to what China does best: traditional Chinese products. At a trade and when prices are not labeled ( ! Let ) approach , negotiation takes an important place : the seller will always try to get more. You should try to get less … Regarding memories , China has probably the most beautiful object catalog of bad taste in the world!

Overall, the country travelers (69): 16.35 / 20 (+)
A good overall score for Greater China : tourist sites in abundance, extraordinary scenery , friendly local , delicate cuisine , reasonable prices, … All spicy sauce of many cultures shock … The guarantee of a change of habits !

Value / price travelers (68) : 16.06 / 20 (+)
Overall , China is still a good deal. But it is a great country and development situations and costs vary by region . If your budget is limited , focus on remote areas rather than on the east coast …