Top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is a magical city with a unique environment in which I have often spoken . The city owes its beauty in part due to the surrounding beaches and are as beautiful as each other .

Table Mountain on one side and the sea on the other and in the middle of Cape Town . Few large cities in the world can boast of being located in such an environment. The beaches of Cape Town are a major asset since many are very different but each with its own interest.I invite you in this section to discover my Top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Town :

1 ) Cape Town and its beaches – number 1: Clifton 4

Between the suburb of Sea Point  and the upscale neighborhood of Camps Bay , there is another point  Cape Town foot of Lions Head: this is where Clifton 4 found

All are accessible from the road, down some stairs and separated from beautiful granite blocks that can be crossed on foot. One can easily switch from one to another. Clifton 1 is mainly frequented by surfers,2 by students , the 3 by the gay community and 4  by  families.

I have a preference for Clifton 4, which offers a beautiful space and the most beautiful view .. The others are a little more urbanized even if it is reasonable . Clifton Beaches are just a few minutes from the city center of Cape Town which is very convenient to move from one part of town to vacation in a few moments . The water is very cold against .

2 ) Muizenberg beach for surfing

You want to start surfing? or you’re already an expert ? This is the place to go . The waves are still and very easy to surf … Even as a novice , I managed to get on my board in a few minutes while I struggled for hours in Biarritz !Muizenberg beach is actually about twenty kilometers from Cape Town in False Bay Bay. Here the water is much warmer than Clifton but watch great white sharks : it seems it is in this bay there would be the largest concentration in the world … Not too much concern anyway because people continuously monitor the beach from the hills and a siren sounded in case of emergency .The framework is there as beautiful with a view of the mountains and the famous colorful cabins that come to add some charm.

3) The beach of Cape Landudno

Slightly outside of the city, very residential neighborhood Landudno also has a beach breathtaking . Here we find a view of the mountains and large granite blocks at each end.I love to come late in the day with a glass of wine and admire the sunset .

4) Table view

The Northern Cape , on the beach of Table View . This one offers a huge expanse of white sand. His main interest is the breathtaking view of Cape Town and especially Table Mountain ( which I recommend climbing here).There are many surfers but also kite surfers as the winds here frequently and many seas ….

5 ) Camps Bay

Camps Bay beach is probably the most famous Cape . Overlooked by 12 mountains ( the 12 apostles ) , bordered by a row of palm, it has everything a dream beach .It brings on the avenue that runs along the many bars , restaurants and nightclubs making it very popular with the gilded youth of the city instead . The atmosphere is great and you can not come to Cape Town without visiting the beach of Camps Bay.

There are many others and I have struggled to select only five . We could add the most beautiful beaches of the Cape Nordhoek , the Cape Point ( at the end of the world … ) or Houtbay !Also note that the beaches of Cape Town are the location of numerous films and advertisements that are found every day in France on TV or in magazines ( Decathlon, Peugeot , Intersport , etc.).So if you still hesitate to choose a destination for your tickets , do not hesitate , this is the place to stay in Cape Town .