Safety in travelling : 13 Security tips to avoid to be stolen in travel

It is a difficult to write this article because I do not want to scare people and cancel your travel . In writing this article on safety in travelling and how to ensure you do not get stolen I don’t think that this city or other is not sure. However it is good to admit that tourists have a real problem with pickpockets and thieves .

How many times have I seen tourists looking lost and without paying any attention to their bags. These people are undoubtedly marked by thieves and are a very easy target. You can be a tourist, no problem, but have the attitude of a smart and you will be much safer tourist.

Please, take these precautions to protect yourself. I know you can imagine that it would never happen to you, but I see so many tourists act as perfect prey to evil intentions and the only thing they have to do is follow a few simple rules to ensure their safety.

We therefore agree , pickpockets and thieves are big problem on the pedestrial streets, in train stations, on beaches and in the subway. To show just a simple visit to a police station .I myself have been stolen and the victim of a robbery  but it was 14 years after visiting Barcelona.

The time we are  really stole , it was my fault because I was not paying attention and my business was clearly unattended. After 14 years of visits to Barcelona I had never been stolen while I was beginning to think it would never happen here . It was at that moment that I realized we had stole my laptop!

If you follow the following rules for precautions the risk of being stolen will be drastically reduced .

Follow the following 13 Security tips  allow you to dramatically reduce the risk of falling victim to thieves or pickpockets. We have written these tips after having actual facts mentioned by visitors. Each of these tips will help protect you against the most common types of theft.

1) Pickpockets prefer to choose easy victims – If you ‘re looking to properly monitor your business and if you have nothing of value on evidence , you have little risk of being stolen.

2) Pickpockets and charlatans often work in groups. This creates a general confusion – a person causes a distraction while the others rob you .

3) Do you take out the money you need for the day, no more. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe .

4) Do not walk around with a backpack – pay special attention to it in the subway, pickpockets are known to steal the contents of the bags in the back of people in the subway.

5) Do not carry your camera around your neck (or any other object of value , such as camera … ) One day I saw a thief snatch a camera from the neck of a tourist and s ‘ running away .

Keep your valuables out of sight . If you have a camera, keep it in a pocket. If it is too large then put it in a bag and wear the shoulder, it is much harder to sting. Carry bag in front of you , not on the side. This bag is better if you do not cover the camera – choose a small ordinary bag with a zipper. Do not put your wallet in the bag – keep aside .

6) If you need to look at a map , go to a cafe and sit rather than looking in the direction of the street. It would be like to run an ad saying that you’re a tourist and you do not know the area , this is what looking for pickpockets.

7) Pay attention to anyone who tries to distract you. Pickpockets often work in groups , one of them catches your eye while another steals the wallet.

8 ) Beware of people who ask their direction, are dropping in front of you or have other questionable attitudes. I even heard that some of you to believe that a bird was let go on your back and help you clean to distract you while another robs you .

9) In stations , pay attention to your environment.The stations are great spots for pickpockets and thieves. There are many reasons for this:

a) The fact that you were there , you identify yourself as a tourist potential

b ) You are also likely to find yourself a little disoriented in this new place .

c) In a train station, there are legitimate reasons why someone would tighten against you or be very close to you, for example down to a train or subway.

d) You must either pay for your tickets or pick up your tickets in your purse or wallet. Pickpockets observe in order to know exactly where your money. They observe where you store your wallet after paying your bills .

e ) It is very likely that you are responsible and you have all your luggage with you. So once you arrive at your hotel you can prender what you want .

So what can you do to protect vosu ? The advice is to keep voting wallet hidden . Keep your tickets separately from your wallet  . If you can get your tickets before you arrive in your destination (see tip below ), you will not need to leave your wallet to pay for your tickets.

Buy a ticket that includes all your transportation needs even before you arrive somewhere, ​​for example the Barcelona Card . In this way, you will not need to get money to pay for your tickets when you are in public transport in Barcelona and it will also mean that you will not be considered as a target.

10) Pickpockets are very fast. In an instant they left. Pay attention to the people around you and what they do. Pickpockets often look at one thing: tourists and their bags – They are interested in nothing else around them so this may be the police. So if you open your eyes , you’ll know when to keep your particular guard.

11) Take a travel insurance – and be sure to read the requirements of this insurance before you travel (some insurance require proof of the value of your belongings ) .

When I went to trek in Nepal I did not bill the camera that I lost in the mountains and the insurance would not pay me . I recommend you ask your insurance a written letter or an e -mail saying they will not ask you for proof of the value of your belongings .

Make sure that everything meets the conditions required by your insurance, it involves making a complaint to the official police authorities that you keep a copy with you to win . Unfortunately when I went to Nepal , I was three days walk from civilization and could do no report to the local police before 24 hours. This , combined with the lack of invoice made ​​that insurance would not pay – we do not have that in Barcelona .

12) Keep your passport safe – Local law requires that you always wear an identity document with photograph of you , although a photocopy of your passport is often considered sufficient.

13) Do not be fooled by fake police officers or ” civil ” this scam is becoming bein too common . Many people are involved in this scam. They say they are police officers in civilian clothes and they saw someone they followed to approach you a little earlier. They will then ask for your papers and purse or wallet to verify your identity , but in fact run off with !

What you can do: First, it is easy to identify the officers of big city as they have easily recognizable uniforms . It is unlikely that real police ” civil ” come talk to you. If a uniformed police officer stops you in the street , ask to see his badge , then watch it carefully to ensure that it is real to you.

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