Muay Thai training programme from Thailand

Muay Thai is a boxing training programme, gaining popularity in the whole world gradually. Muay Thai with a gorgeous vacation in Thailand is a dream of the people, those who want a training camp with a vacation plan. Muay Thai training camp is targeted to weight loss camp as well as metal and emotional stability. It is actually a popular form martial art originated from Thailand. The boxing camp includes a heavy training where each part of the body involved as a result a perfect shape of muscle gained.

In Muay Thai various techniques is used and mastered during combat for attack as well as defence. The various techniques performed by hand are Jab, Hook, Cross, Hook, Swing, Uppercut, Cobra punch. These techniques are mastered and performed during combat. This also trains timing and defence technique. There are also many techniques performed through various part of the body.

The attacks are used during combat are as follows

•            Punching or Chok

•            Elbow or Ti sok

•            Kicking or Te

•            Knee or Ti khao

•            Foot thrust or Thip

•            Clinch and neck wrestling

There are also various defence techniques as well as attacking techniques. The defence moves are performed with proper timing and with concentration. The attacking also not easy enough, it needs proper body balance and self control.

Here are some defence techniques from Suwit muay thai training gym .

•   Blocking is performed to block a strike before it hits the target.

•   Redirection is form of defence is generally used to change the direction of the strike.

•   Avoidance is made by moving the body side to side or moving up or down. The main motive is not allowing the strike to make a hit.

•   Evasion is a move in which the defender completely moves his or her body out of the range of the strike by means of jumping.

•   Disruption is performed when the attacker try to move closer. This can be also called as counter attack.

•   In Anticipation the defender catches the strike or makes a strike against the attack before it hit the target.

These are popular form of defence techniques. During combat it is performed simultaneously with attack. A proper combat technique consists of a set of various attack and defence forms. The Techniques need real hard work and proper concentration to be mastered.

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