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Despite being small, Israel has magnificent scenery with high altitude areas around Mount Hermon and the lush green Galilee in the North; Negev and Arava arid plains with adjacent Dead Sea in the South; Mediterranean Sea in the West and the Judean Rocky Hills in the East.

Many historical and archaeological sites, forests, coastal beaches are also some of the things to savour while in this country of great historical facts.



  • Masada is an ancient fortress that was built during the time of the rule of King Herod as documented in the Bible and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.
  • The fortress is built atop a natural rocky plateau on the Judean desert and overlooking the Dead Sea.
  • A museum displaying archaeologicalartefacts found in palaces and villas built between 37-31 BCE are part of the package found on this site.


  • Also a World Heritage Site, Meggido is an archaeological mound that has significant historical importance with over 26 layers of ruins having been found indicating long periods of human settlement in the past.
  • The Sea of Galilee, Mount Carmel, and Northern Valleys are also seen from Meggido.


  • Also known as Wadi el-Mughara Caves, this site has 4 caves on location and they include Camel, Stream, Oven and the Young Goat caves.
  • This site has historical importance with evidence of human settlement for more than a million years with evidence of the first human burial.
  • Other sites visible from this point include Mount Carmel and Sea of Galilee.


  • The Old City in Jerusalem has rich historical past with the Temple Mount, al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Western Wall all found in this place.
  • Jerusalem has religious significance for the major religions in the world because Jesus Christ was crucified here, Mohammed rose to heaven and the Jews built a temple for God in this city.
  • Today the city is divided into four residential quarters; Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish and is surrounded by a wall 4km long with 8 gates, a citadel and 34 towers.


  • Built in the 16th Century, these walls continue to serve the inhabitants in Jerusalem to this day. The gates include; Lion’s Gate, Gate of Mercy, Zion Gate, Dung Gate, Jaffa Gate, Damascus Date, Herod’s Gate and the New Gate.
  • The Gate of Mercy is the only one open for use to the people while the rest remain locked with the Damascus Gate as the most popular.


  • Also known as the Salt Sea, this sea is one of the saltiest in the world and also has the lowest point on earth at -423 metres below sea level.
  • The Dead Sea has one of the saltiest waters on earth, about 10 times saltier than the normal ocean water and this makes buoyancy possible all through. The water is also utilized by people with skin diseases.


  • A drive to the Nahal Alexander River will give you a break from the vast historical sites that you may have visited in Israel. This 45 km long river flows from Samaria to the Mediterranean Sea in the Hefer Valley.
  • The river is home to many soft shell turtles, coots, nutrias, swamp cats, catfish and tilapia.

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