Nightlife in Stuttgart

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing evening or a wild night that lasts until dawn, you might find something for you in Stuttgart. Stroll through the city center to discover the wide variety of bars and pubs, or stroll through the old town to find small quiet pubs nestled between the beautiful old half-timbered houses. Wherever you go, you will find a good mix of nightlife in Stuttgart!



Stuttgart is known as one of the most elegant cities of Germany and snobs, especially when it comes to nightlife. The difference between entering a club and be discharged and left in the cold comes down to who you are and what you wear. But do not despair, there are plenty of places to go out from the very exclusive nightclub in simple and casual club.

The best places to go to Stuttgart

Most bars and nightclubs are located in the city center in the vicinity of the Rathaus, the city hall. There are also many places to go out on Theodor-Heuss-Straße, a main avenue of the city. As it is quite difficult to stay current for outputs ideas (fashionable bars and clubs change regularly), simply note here are some addresses to get to Stuttgart. Best to inquire at his hotel on site (see below to find the best hotels in Stuttgart):

Rocker 33, Friedrichstrasse 23
Lehmann Club, Seidenstraße 20
Z-Club, Nordbahnhofst 14 / U15 Milchhof
Keller Club, Rotebühlplatz 4
KimTimJim, Charlottenplatz, Holzstraße 23
Universum Charlottenplatz 1
Schräglage, Hirschstrasse 14
Biddy Early’s Irish Pub, 28 Marienstraße
Discothek Fame, Flözlinger Strasse 46
Club Schocken, Hirschstraße 36
The King’s Club, gay, Calwer Straße 21
Proton Konigstrasse 49
Barcode, Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 30

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Safety in travelling : 13 Security tips to avoid to be stolen in travel

It is a difficult to write this article because I do not want to scare people and cancel your travel . In writing this article on safety in travelling and how to ensure you do not get stolen I don’t think that this city or other is not sure. However it is good to admit that tourists have a real problem with pickpockets and thieves .

How many times have I seen tourists looking lost and without paying any attention to their bags. These people are undoubtedly marked by thieves and are a very easy target. You can be a tourist, no problem, but have the attitude of a smart and you will be much safer tourist.

Please, take these precautions to protect yourself. I know you can imagine that it would never happen to you, but I see so many tourists act as perfect prey to evil intentions and the only thing they have to do is follow a few simple rules to ensure their safety.

We therefore agree , pickpockets and thieves are big problem on the pedestrial streets, in train stations, on beaches and in the subway. To show just a simple visit to a police station .I myself have been stolen and the victim of a robbery  but it was 14 years after visiting Barcelona.

The time we are  really stole , it was my fault because I was not paying attention and my business was clearly unattended. After 14 years of visits to Barcelona I had never been stolen while I was beginning to think it would never happen here . It was at that moment that I realized we had stole my laptop!

If you follow the following rules for precautions the risk of being stolen will be drastically reduced .

Follow the following 13 Security tips  allow you to dramatically reduce the risk of falling victim to thieves or pickpockets. We have written these tips after having actual facts mentioned by visitors. Each of these tips will help protect you against the most common types of theft.

1) Pickpockets prefer to choose easy victims – If you ‘re looking to properly monitor your business and if you have nothing of value on evidence , you have little risk of being stolen.

2) Pickpockets and charlatans often work in groups. This creates a general confusion – a person causes a distraction while the others rob you .

3) Do you take out the money you need for the day, no more. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe .

4) Do not walk around with a backpack – pay special attention to it in the subway, pickpockets are known to steal the contents of the bags in the back of people in the subway.

5) Do not carry your camera around your neck (or any other object of value , such as camera … ) One day I saw a thief snatch a camera from the neck of a tourist and s ‘ running away .

Keep your valuables out of sight . If you have a camera, keep it in a pocket. If it is too large then put it in a bag and wear the shoulder, it is much harder to sting. Carry bag in front of you , not on the side. This bag is better if you do not cover the camera – choose a small ordinary bag with a zipper. Do not put your wallet in the bag – keep aside .

6) If you need to look at a map , go to a cafe and sit rather than looking in the direction of the street. It would be like to run an ad saying that you’re a tourist and you do not know the area , this is what looking for pickpockets.

7) Pay attention to anyone who tries to distract you. Pickpockets often work in groups , one of them catches your eye while another steals the wallet.

8 ) Beware of people who ask their direction, are dropping in front of you or have other questionable attitudes. I even heard that some of you to believe that a bird was let go on your back and help you clean to distract you while another robs you .

9) In stations , pay attention to your environment.The stations are great spots for pickpockets and thieves. There are many reasons for this:

a) The fact that you were there , you identify yourself as a tourist potential

b ) You are also likely to find yourself a little disoriented in this new place .

c) In a train station, there are legitimate reasons why someone would tighten against you or be very close to you, for example down to a train or subway.

d) You must either pay for your tickets or pick up your tickets in your purse or wallet. Pickpockets observe in order to know exactly where your money. They observe where you store your wallet after paying your bills .

e ) It is very likely that you are responsible and you have all your luggage with you. So once you arrive at your hotel you can prender what you want .

So what can you do to protect vosu ? The advice is to keep voting wallet hidden . Keep your tickets separately from your wallet  . If you can get your tickets before you arrive in your destination (see tip below ), you will not need to leave your wallet to pay for your tickets.

Buy a ticket that includes all your transportation needs even before you arrive somewhere, ​​for example the Barcelona Card . In this way, you will not need to get money to pay for your tickets when you are in public transport in Barcelona and it will also mean that you will not be considered as a target.

10) Pickpockets are very fast. In an instant they left. Pay attention to the people around you and what they do. Pickpockets often look at one thing: tourists and their bags – They are interested in nothing else around them so this may be the police. So if you open your eyes , you’ll know when to keep your particular guard.

11) Take a travel insurance – and be sure to read the requirements of this insurance before you travel (some insurance require proof of the value of your belongings ) .

When I went to trek in Nepal I did not bill the camera that I lost in the mountains and the insurance would not pay me . I recommend you ask your insurance a written letter or an e -mail saying they will not ask you for proof of the value of your belongings .

Make sure that everything meets the conditions required by your insurance, it involves making a complaint to the official police authorities that you keep a copy with you to win . Unfortunately when I went to Nepal , I was three days walk from civilization and could do no report to the local police before 24 hours. This , combined with the lack of invoice made ​​that insurance would not pay – we do not have that in Barcelona .

12) Keep your passport safe – Local law requires that you always wear an identity document with photograph of you , although a photocopy of your passport is often considered sufficient.

13) Do not be fooled by fake police officers or ” civil ” this scam is becoming bein too common . Many people are involved in this scam. They say they are police officers in civilian clothes and they saw someone they followed to approach you a little earlier. They will then ask for your papers and purse or wallet to verify your identity , but in fact run off with !

What you can do: First, it is easy to identify the officers of big city as they have easily recognizable uniforms . It is unlikely that real police ” civil ” come talk to you. If a uniformed police officer stops you in the street , ask to see his badge , then watch it carefully to ensure that it is real to you.

Vietnam family holiday: Brief introduction about Vietnam
Without doubt, weather conditions is one of the determining elements for the travel choices. In case you are going to Vietnam, then, take it easy to create up your thoughts. Vietnam’s weather is not just steamy very hot as whatever you are frequently exposed to on films. All year long right here, almost always there is an ideal place exactly where it really is pleasant to remain. Fundamentally, the whole country falls in to the tropic and subtropics but its stretching size and varied topography allow it to span a number of different climate specific zones. The elements hence, tends to vary substantially from time of year to time of year and also from region to region.

You may go to Halong Bay and make the usual boat trip. However, you need to travel to Catba, the greatest remote island within the western portion of the bay. CatBa city, unfortunately, appears to be undergoing a developing boom, so you feel it was really touristy. However , it’s advised a visit to the island, as long as you’re sure to enter into the interior, where there continue to be few roads and a lot of unspoilt scenery. Get a vehicle for the day and take pleasure in the drive. Don’t bother with the trek from your national park entrance – the promised perspectives are discouraging. You can also have a boat trip in the town, that was less crowded compared to one you takein the main section of the bay.

Certainly the largest vacation of the year is usually Tet, celebration from the New Lunar year (as marked by lunar calendar), which usually happens approximately late Jan and February in the Western work schedule. Within the time prior to Tet, the country is abuzz along with preparations. Men on motorbikes rush around delivering potted trees and flowering bushes, the traditional household decorations.. To get your Vietnam Visa, Not many on-line agencies have this option .Another solution is to obtain a normal visa via a Vietnamese Embassy to help keep your individual information personal. Take a look on this information site Lan Ha Bay cruise  for even more instructions regarding Vietnam cruise, Halong bay cruise, and Cat Ba cruise

Check more infos about Vietnam in others forums fo travellers, as this one, and if you have any thoughs to share, don’t hesitate to comment below

6 attitudes to adopt for safety while traveling solo

Alone in travel, most of you have the same feeling : fear of insecurity .Being afraid is a normal feeling, the opposite would be disturbing and even dangerous. It should nevertheless learn not to show his fears to avoid problems . Here are 6 attitudes to adopt for safety while traveling solo :

1 – Step forward with confidence, assurance and follow his instincts

Someone who does not trust him exudes insecurity by his attitude and becomes an easy prey is it in your country as elsewhere in the world. The foreign country seems you more dangerous because it is the unknown and sometimes the loss of reference but it is sometimes (not always) more dangerous than your country . I advise you to always walk with confidence and assurance to avert the danger. How ? Move the head and sharpened eyes , looking for any suspicious behavior . Over time, you learn how to connect your radar to detect problems and to change the street when someone will seem suspicious , walk into a store when you feel you followed or approach someone you seem nice to avoid boredom X or Y. Over time your instincts guide you and you simply create new benchmarks that will allow you to move forward with less fear .

2 – smile and a positive attitude

The smile is definitely an effective weapon . We can spend a lot of messages with that weapon and especially open unexpected doors. Someone who always has a smile seems more fun and pleasant as someone who “makes the mouth “. This is the same everywhere in the world! With a smile , you will have less problems and attract the sympathy of the premises. It is easier to come to you and sometimes you will be overwhelmed by stress. In writing this I think of India, where when you walk around with a camera in hand, you can avoid the photo requests .

3 – Respect the traditions and pay attention to its

Depending on the country where you are going , be aware of traditions not to shock or attract trouble. I think in India, where it is indecent to walk knees air and shoulders discoveries but also to Muslim countries not to attract looks annoying and indecent or , better try to blend into the crowd . Without going to wear the veil , it is best to avoid wearing tight clothing or too short . You will soon understand the clothing attitudes to adopt , especially crossing the eyes . I remember in India I could not swim in the sea outside the expected ranges for tourists. I tried once and found myself with a dozen men out of nowhere around me. In southern Jordan, men’s eyes were so disturbing that I never went in without being ultra – covered . Tip: always carry a scarf or sarong out to cover her shoulders or knees and draw less attention.

4 – Do not be vulnerable

When traveling solo, it is advisable to be very careful about what you drink or what you smoke and especially with that ! Unless one is clear , the more you are weak and vulnerable , the more we become an easy prey to rob . My advice is to be careful with whom one comes to offering us a drink and imagine a return to his guesthouse before you start drinking . If you are more back to your hotel, everything is fine, if you are alone, it is better to avoid drinking recklessly to maintain control of his attitude. Sometimes it is better to take a taxi than risk his life in the streets. I think of some South American cities that become cut throat past 9pm . It is not a myth but a reality .

5 – Listen to the advice of local

On my arrival in South America , I met many travelers who were robbed of their belongings during the day at a street corner . Bad luck but often imprudent . My advice is to listen to the advice of local , they know better than anyone the areas where we should not set foot . When someone tells you to put away your camera as you draw eyes , put it , when you are told not to stay in a neighborhood because it is dangerous for tourists , leave it . If I did not feel more insecure than that in Asia, by cons I had much more concern in South America. So I made ​​a habit arriving in a guesthouse ask neighborhoods to avoid, to adopt attitudes with my camera , etc. … I got so valuable advice that has saved me some serious problems.

6 – Do not try with your wealth

The majority of the country you are going through , whether in Asia, Africa and South America are poor countries . We represent other foreign source of easy money. Stealing jewelry, a digital SLR or a laptop and can sell to support a family several weeks or months so better think twice about what you take with you before going for a walk. During my trip , I have worn no jewelry value . My camera and computer equipment could still try . In South America , for example , I never kept my camera around my neck . It was always stored in my bag and not go out when I wanted to make a picture. I have not adopted the most spontaneous way to take pictures but this is the price to pay to feel safe. I never went out with a bag at night, but always with the subsistence minimum in pockets, that is enough to pay me to eat and drink , and always easy to access in case of a problem ticket.

The fear of insecurity should not be a barrier to travel solo but rather a motivator to excel and push back its own limits of the impossible ( without taking unnecessary risks ) . I used to say that insecurity is every corner , around the world as here at home. Why put up barriers and deprive an adventure out of the ordinary (see short . I went around the world), then you can live the same kind of unexpected , theft or injury to you ? Over time, you learn to feel at home anywhere in the world after a few days of travel solo

Nepal trekking : What do you need to load your bag ?

Equipment – The weather, the terrain and the constraints on the weight of luggage on domestic flights in Nepal influence the choice of materials and equipment for trekking. To avoid a lot of inconvenience , it is advisable to choose wisely equipment. It is better to forget the appearance and emphasize comfort , knowing is limited to essentials . The adventure travel has its requirements and restrictions. The equipment must be suitable for typical and extreme changing weather conditions of high mountains . Depending on the time of year and the region visited , temperatures can range from -20 ° C and 20 ° C.


At high altitude , the temperature differences are important. There should be clothes that keep them cool during the day and warm at night . Clothing made ​​of synthetic fibers , although they may be less comfortable, with some advantages over natural fiber clothing : they wick moisture from the body more efficiently, they dry faster and are lighter . The multi-layer system is an excellent choice jersey long sleeve technical body of medium thickness or t-shirt, fleece jacket and technical windproof (shell) that breathes well to protect you from the rain, snow, but especially the wind. Adding or removing
layers to adapt to changing conditions of wind and temperature. Remember also that the weight of baggage is limited to domestic flights in Nepal. It is therefore important to choose wisely clothing and equipment.

Special items

Shoes randonnéeCertains items deserve give them special attention. Hiking shoes , you know , must be very comfortable and have been brought before departure. The sleeping bag should be minimally rated at -20 ° C if your trek more than 4,000 meters.
In the fall , the nights are cold in the mountains . The down coat is a must beyond 4000 meters, especially if you are camping . The hottest will be the best choice. It will not serve you during the day but you will enjoy the morning at breakfast time and in the evening during dinner. Remember walking sticks . They offer a significant additional boost , help maintain balance on uneven terrain and are particularly useful downhill. The backpack day should also be comfortable because it does not leave you.

Equipment List

Below is a list of my equipment for the trek from the base camp of Everest via Gokyo shipping autumn style . This list excludes camping equipment provided by the trekking agency . In regard to clothing, I preferred synthetic fabrics .

Upper body

woolen cap ;
cap or sun hat ;
cotton scarf (to protect the neck from the sun ) ;
neck warmer ;
2 suits of synthetic Long Sleeve ;
1 T- shirt with long sleeves ;
2 T – shirts with short sleeves ;
1 long-sleeved shirt
One technical jacket ( shell Gore -Tex or other);
1 coat very warm down ;
1 light fleece jacket ;
1 average fleece jacket ;
gloves of good quality.

Lower body

2 short underwear made ​​of synthetic material ;
1 long underwear (synthetic light or mid weight ) ;
1 thermal long underwear or fleece average ;
2 trekking pants can be converted into shorts ;
walking boots ;
spa slippers (evening high altitude ) ;
3-4 pairs of low technical ( Smartwool , Thorlo … ) ;
1 pair of warmer low ( night) ;
2 pairs of cotton socks ( Kathmandu ) ;
in there ( if you walk with two pairs of socks ) .


backpack 60-80 liters or duffle bag ;
30 liter daypack ;
Sleeping bag (-20 ° C to -25 ° C ) ;
self-inflating sleeping pad ( Thermarest Ultralight )
Thermarest repair kit ;
sunglasses good quality ( Cecchinel Cebe … ) ;
telescopic walking sticks ;
iodine tablets , or Micropur Aqua Lung Pristine (water) ;
headlamp and spare battery ( Petzl or other);
1 liter bottle ( Nalgene -type) ;
insulated bottle holder ;
camera , film, batteries ;
earplugs ;
plastic bags to keep belongings dry ;
travel wallet ( hanging neck ) ;
pocket knife ;
packets of energy foods ( nuts, dried fruit) ;
travel diary and pen ;
trekking guide .
personal hygiene
kit personal hygiene ;
multi- use biodegradable soap (body, clothing);
small towel viscose ( synthetic chamois) ;
toilet paper (2 rolls ) ;
Drugs and other
broad-spectrum antibiotic ( Cypro 500 mg) ;
antiperistaltic ( Imodium 2mg or other);
anti- nausea ( Gravol or other);
anti -inflammatory ( Voltaren , Naprosyn) ;
Diamox 250 mg ( altitude sickness )
analgesic (Tylenol , Aspirin) ;
antibiotic cream ( Polysporin or other);
electrolyte rehydration sachets ( Gastrolyte ) ;
sunscreen 30 + ;
lip balm ( full screen) ;
kit bulbs ( pads Moleskines , Compeed ) ;
personal first aid kit .

Luggage weight

On domestic flights in Nepal , the weight of individual baggage carried in the hold must not exceed 15 kg . It is usually possible to carry with you in the cabin, a daypack up to 5 kg . Also , should provide the necessary to be comfortable while sticking to the basics.

You can enjoy some afternoon rest to wash your clothes on the way! If they are not dry when leaving the next day , attach to your backpack, they will dry in no time .


Walking Shoes

They must be light, strong and well waterproofed . A good shoe hiking in the mountains can also do the trick but less protective plugs on glacial moraines. The hiking shoe does not fit on the snowy slopes . The walking boot is preferable to the Khumbu .

Sleeping Bag

At equal efficiency, the down is lighter and more compact than the synthetic . However, less tolerant of moisture. At high altitude , the mummy bag is preferable. A tip: if you have cold feet at night , place the bottom of your sleeping bag , water bottle with boiling water and paste your feet. Then see how much such a small thing can bring such happiness .

Backpack for trekking Day

The bag , preferably wide belt snug fit at the waist, must contain an undershirt and a pair of low spare anorak , a fleece jacket , gloves, medications, kit

first aid, sunscreen , sunglasses , necessary for the purification of water, camera and accessories , toilet paper, trekking guide . Water is essential for acclimatization , we must drink little at a time but often. It is preferable to attach the bottle out of the bag and hand.

Buying and renting

It is possible to buy or rent camping equipment and clothing in Kathmandu and Namche Bazaar. The prices are reasonable for a quality quite acceptable. But be careful … clothing bearing the label of a great brand are not always authentic . They are mostly made ​​in Kathmandu.

Loading backpack

Regulars recommend loading the lighter items at the bottom and the top of the backpack. Heavier items are placed in the center near the back.

The after trekking

In a situation of scarcity of oxygen , hands and feet cool more quickly than other parts of the body . Provide gloves or mittens and quality socks that will

keep you warm at night when you stop walking. After the walk , so forget the multi- layer. Put on dry clothing and wrap yourself in your down jacket ( short coat down ) as soon as the temperature begins to cool. It is easier to keep warm than trying to warm once too cold.

Trekking from hut to hut has probably less extreme conditions. The equipment can probably be revised downward with respect to certain items. But do not worry , you do not smother heat at high altitude, especially in the fall . The lodges are fairly rudimentary and usually there is not very warm at night.