Try France for the Best weekend getaways for couples in Europe

The stunning beauty of France makes it a great travel destination for the weekend getaways for couples in month of June or really any time of the year!

Tourists from around the world visit this breathtakingly beautiful country to savor a slice of a vacation embedded in history, culture, romance, fashion and a host of other good things that appeal directly to the senses.

paris france
paris france

Situated in the southwestern fringes of Europe, France has always been a favorite with travelers. This majestic country is visited by over seventy-nine million tourists from across the world every year, making it the most visited country in the world.

With beautiful natural and man made attractions all over the county, it makes for a great stay. While on one hand the mountains, the pristine landscapes, the lovely water bodies and the flatlands attract the nature buffs, the magnanimous monuments, the glittering cities and the friendly folks of France welcome the tourists on the other.

Getting to and around France

Traveling to France is very easy and June might be the best time to do it. With the country brilliantly connected by air, road and rail, it’s indeed very easy and convenient to travel to France. The most common way to travel to France is of course by air. The country has a number of international airports and airplanes fly to and from many cities across Europe and the world. Roissy – Charles de Gaulle is the largest international airport in France and most tourists and vacationers flying into the country land here. A host of international airlines operate out of France making it easy for tourists to travel to France.

Another great way to travel to France is by road. There are luxury buses available that the tourist might board. This makes for an amazing journey as the tourist can enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty of the French countryside during the journey. And now with the opening of the Eurotunnel, a tourist can reach France in about thirty-five minutes from England.

Traveling to and from the country can also be done by rail with the French rail company, SNCF having trains to France from almost all major European cities. If tourists really want a relaxing vacation then opting for a Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic Ocean cruise to France can also be highly enjoyable.

Sights and Attractions of France

No wonder France is the most visited tourist destination in the world! From the beautiful French Alps to the glittering city of Paris, there is a lot that this country offers.

  • The Eiffel Tower – Situated in Paris, this French masterpiece has been one of the most sought after tourist spots in France. Built in 1889 to mark 100 years of the French Revolution, this monument is the most visited and photographed attraction of France. See more Top attractions in Paris
  • Palace of Versailles – If you’d like to truly rejuvenate your summer senses, a visit to the Palace of Versailles is a must! This beautiful château is an epitome of French architecture. It is surrounded by thick, lush gardens filled with wonderous things. Some say a trip to France without visiting the Palace of Versailles could make your June vacation somewhat incomplete.
  • Rhone Alps – The Rhone Alps is perhaps the most picturesque part of France. Famous for the Alps, this mountainous region is also a hit with ski lovers, nature enthusiasts and tourists alike.
  • Wine Country – A trek to the French countryside must include visiting the vairious wine and grape growing areas including Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace. Indulge yourself in some of the finest cuisine and drink in Europe.

Apart from the above mentioned attractions in France, there are a host of other attractions that one can check out while traveling to France. Vacationers can enjoy the sprawling, white beaches(very popular in the summer months of June to August), the many rivers and the numerous chateaus, only to name a few.

Having the best weekend getaways for couples in France often means top-notch accommodations, dining and tours. Plan accordingly for a European experience of a lifetime.

Nightlife in Stuttgart

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing evening or a wild night that lasts until dawn, you might find something for you in Stuttgart. Stroll through the city center to discover the wide variety of bars and pubs, or stroll through the old town to find small quiet pubs nestled between the beautiful old half-timbered houses. Wherever you go, you will find a good mix of nightlife in Stuttgart!



Stuttgart is known as one of the most elegant cities of Germany and snobs, especially when it comes to nightlife. The difference between entering a club and be discharged and left in the cold comes down to who you are and what you wear. But do not despair, there are plenty of places to go out from the very exclusive nightclub in simple and casual club.

The best places to go to Stuttgart

Most bars and nightclubs are located in the city center in the vicinity of the Rathaus, the city hall. There are also many places to go out on Theodor-Heuss-Straße, a main avenue of the city. As it is quite difficult to stay current for outputs ideas (fashionable bars and clubs change regularly), simply note here are some addresses to get to Stuttgart. Best to inquire at his hotel on site (see below to find the best hotels in Stuttgart):

Rocker 33, Friedrichstrasse 23
Lehmann Club, Seidenstraße 20
Z-Club, Nordbahnhofst 14 / U15 Milchhof
Keller Club, Rotebühlplatz 4
KimTimJim, Charlottenplatz, Holzstraße 23
Universum Charlottenplatz 1
Schräglage, Hirschstrasse 14
Biddy Early’s Irish Pub, 28 Marienstraße
Discothek Fame, Flözlinger Strasse 46
Club Schocken, Hirschstraße 36
The King’s Club, gay, Calwer Straße 21
Proton Konigstrasse 49
Barcode, Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 30

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