Vietnam travel Some useful advices for backpacker in Vietnam

Xe Om

Xe om is one of most popular small jobs in Vietnam . These motorcycle taxis can be found at every street intersection or crossroads to offer their services. As drivers are Real slalom and familiar with the city, this is a fun and original way to discover Vietnam. Trust in dexterity’s driver and go around the wide avenues and alleyways offering thousand performances. It is best to note beforehand on paper your destination. Short trips usually cost between 20 000 and 30 000 VND but never forget to negotiate before. By tradition and avoid any small scams .The Xe Om always have an extra helmet for their passenger. Not solide  but you will certainly be able to have one helmet decorated by a Mickey or Winnie the Pooh .

Xe om
Xe om

Internet in Vietnam

Vietnam is quite well equipped with ADSL and WI-FI connection, even a small noodle shop has his own label “WIFI” on the front door. Vietnam is the country of South East Asia or the Internet is growing rapidly , more than 30% of households with ADSL. Access to social networks may be sporadic due to control by the authorities, but the connections are pretty good. Internet cafes are becoming increasingly rare. Highlands Coffee on Pham Ngu Lao Street has computers available for guests.

Postcards in Vietnam

Typically, a mail may reach Europe within one week. To send a package, you must show your passport and fill out some forms. Do not close your package before going to the post office, you will be asked to show its contents before being weighed and pay. All shipments entering Vietnam must be checked by customs, which can cause delays.

The language barrier can be very restrictive. Waving his arms like a Neapolitan after a boozy meal, do not suffice. Make sure you bring all your identity papers.


Vietnam’s telephone network (GSM 900/1800) is compatible with most of Asia, Europe and Australia countries but not with North America. You can easily buy a local SIM card including a few hours of conversation for 100 000 VND. Providers most popular mobile telephony Vinaphone , Viettel and Mobifone. For fixed lines, the code of Ho Chi Minh City is 08 and the country code is +84.

If you do not want stories by unlocking your phone, go hence Dang Dung, in District 1, to get a used phone.

Hospitals / Clinics

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi has a number of international standards for clinical care for most minor ailments. It is possible to get there without an appointment, but can you avoid the wait, knowing that the Paris-Match are rare in the waiting rooms. All these centers include internal pharmacies, or the staff speaks English.

Cyclo in Vietnam

The Cyclos rickshaws are disappearing but they are an interesting way of getting to know the city. This machine has a giant padded seat passengers, attached to a bicycle, all controlled by a driver . It will propel you through the maze of traffic. Remember to negotiate the price of your travel in advance and have the extra. Keep in mind however that it is hard work and it deserves a tip. For an hour rickshaw, expect to pay around 40 000 VND.

Motorbikes in traffic in Vietnam

Driving a motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh is a fight. Be sure to understand the local traffic before starting your moto . The red lights are often used as simple decoration. In the backpacker area in Pham Ngu Lao street and De Tham, it will be easy to rent a bike for about $ 6 per day. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Avoid accidents because you will be considered the responsibe who pay in most of cases !

Visa for Vietnam

You can get cheap visa for Vietnam with many providors such as this one at on ly 8 USD for one month visa !

Muay Thai training programme from Thailand

Muay Thai is a boxing training programme, gaining popularity in the whole world gradually. Muay Thai with a gorgeous vacation in Thailand is a dream of the people, those who want a training camp with a vacation plan. Muay Thai training camp is targeted to weight loss camp as well as metal and emotional stability. It is actually a popular form martial art originated from Thailand. The boxing camp includes a heavy training where each part of the body involved as a result a perfect shape of muscle gained.

In Muay Thai various techniques is used and mastered during combat for attack as well as defence. The various techniques performed by hand are Jab, Hook, Cross, Hook, Swing, Uppercut, Cobra punch. These techniques are mastered and performed during combat. This also trains timing and defence technique. There are also many techniques performed through various part of the body.

The attacks are used during combat are as follows

•            Punching or Chok

•            Elbow or Ti sok

•            Kicking or Te

•            Knee or Ti khao

•            Foot thrust or Thip

•            Clinch and neck wrestling

There are also various defence techniques as well as attacking techniques. The defence moves are performed with proper timing and with concentration. The attacking also not easy enough, it needs proper body balance and self control.

Here are some defence techniques from Suwit muay thai training gym .

•   Blocking is performed to block a strike before it hits the target.

•   Redirection is form of defence is generally used to change the direction of the strike.

•   Avoidance is made by moving the body side to side or moving up or down. The main motive is not allowing the strike to make a hit.

•   Evasion is a move in which the defender completely moves his or her body out of the range of the strike by means of jumping.

•   Disruption is performed when the attacker try to move closer. This can be also called as counter attack.

•   In Anticipation the defender catches the strike or makes a strike against the attack before it hit the target.

These are popular form of defence techniques. During combat it is performed simultaneously with attack. A proper combat technique consists of a set of various attack and defence forms. The Techniques need real hard work and proper concentration to be mastered.

Want To Take A Long Term Travel To Australia? Consider These Tips First

If you’ve made the decision to take an extended trip to Australia, you are going to be happy with what you experience. Australia is a beautiful place where people can find a variety of different climates, as well as different cultures and customs that spread out across the entire continent. Going to Australia, even long term, is quite simple. However, there are a few things that you’ll want to tidy up before you plan to take a longer vacation or travel. Here are some tips to make sure you keep in mind before you head down under.

Get A Health Check

For the most part, anyone can visit Australia without much effort. However, if you plan to stay for an extended period of time, you will need to get a health check in your country. This health check with assure that you are safe to enter the country, and that you don’t have any concerns during your extended travel time. The checkup is really quite simple, and you can rely on a migration agent to help you find out exactly what is needed.

Apply For Visa

Getting the visa for visiting Australia can be a bit tricky, depending on what you say you are going for. While it is certainly possible to say that you just want to go to Australia just to surf and travel around, you might have an easier time if you have an additional reason. For example, many migration agents will suggest to those that want to travel long term in Australia, that they consider also taking educational courses or even finding a part time job while they are in the country. In doing so, you’ll get a longer lasting visa, while also having something to do during your long term travel in the country. If you have questions about applying for a visa, you can send out your questions using this website.

Find Accommodations

Once you have made the decision to head to Australia and everything clears, you can get ready and start finalizing some of your plans. This will include a plane ticket and accommodations. If you are traveling throughout the continent, then you might want to get the help of a migration agent, who can help you better find the best places to stay in each area. Even if you are someone who flies at the seat of his or her pants, having a plan can be beneficial when you plan on staying long term in a new country.

Get Excited

Once you have all of this taken care of, all that’s left to do is get super excited. If you want beautiful beaches and tons of sunshine, Australia has it. If you want outback conditions and tons of exotic animals, Australia has it. And if you simply want to take it all in and explore as much as you can, the entire continent of Australia will give you plenty of opportunities. And if you get the help from migration agents, you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience throughout.


Vietnam family holiday: Brief introduction about Vietnam
Without doubt, weather conditions is one of the determining elements for the travel choices. In case you are going to Vietnam, then, take it easy to create up your thoughts. Vietnam’s weather is not just steamy very hot as whatever you are frequently exposed to on films. All year long right here, almost always there is an ideal place exactly where it really is pleasant to remain. Fundamentally, the whole country falls in to the tropic and subtropics but its stretching size and varied topography allow it to span a number of different climate specific zones. The elements hence, tends to vary substantially from time of year to time of year and also from region to region.

You may go to Halong Bay and make the usual boat trip. However, you need to travel to Catba, the greatest remote island within the western portion of the bay. CatBa city, unfortunately, appears to be undergoing a developing boom, so you feel it was really touristy. However , it’s advised a visit to the island, as long as you’re sure to enter into the interior, where there continue to be few roads and a lot of unspoilt scenery. Get a vehicle for the day and take pleasure in the drive. Don’t bother with the trek from your national park entrance – the promised perspectives are discouraging. You can also have a boat trip in the town, that was less crowded compared to one you takein the main section of the bay.

Certainly the largest vacation of the year is usually Tet, celebration from the New Lunar year (as marked by lunar calendar), which usually happens approximately late Jan and February in the Western work schedule. Within the time prior to Tet, the country is abuzz along with preparations. Men on motorbikes rush around delivering potted trees and flowering bushes, the traditional household decorations.. To get your Vietnam Visa, Not many on-line agencies have this option .Another solution is to obtain a normal visa via a Vietnamese Embassy to help keep your individual information personal. Take a look on this information site Lan Ha Bay cruise  for even more instructions regarding Vietnam cruise, Halong bay cruise, and Cat Ba cruise

Check more infos about Vietnam in others forums fo travellers, as this one, and if you have any thoughs to share, don’t hesitate to comment below

Plan your trip in South East Asia


When to go?

Best season : October to December and March to June Rainy season from July to September. Northern winter can be cold and wet .It is necessary to obtain a visa before leaving ? Travel agencies often include these tedious steps in their benefits.

Money locally: In large cities distributors of tickets and exchange offices are numerous. In restaurants , it can sometimes pay in dollars

Getting there

– The Asia travel specialist in Asia offering customized individual travel to Vietnam 16 days 15 nights , private car with driver, ” Indochinese A Dream” , to discover the major sites of the three regions from north to south , from € 2,853 per person (based on 2 ) . Tailored program changed on demand. Tel. 0084983048166
– Singapore Airlines A380 in Asia : from France , Singapore Airlines offers daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon) and Hanoi via Singapore. The opportunity to test the giant Airbus . Singapore Airlines is the launch customer . Call toll-free in Singapore can go to or return. On board, a choice of leaders concocted by three Michelin star menus. Roundtrip from 920 € . Tel. 21230380 08 (0.12 € / min)

Cambodia ( Angkor )

When to go?

The high season runs from November to February. But see Angkor in the scramble is not the most appropriate . ? However, the rainy season ( June to October) offers some advantages . ? Rains are strong, but brief . It’s a bit muddy , but there is a side adventure and tourists are rare. In May, the river levels begin to rise, it’s hot and humid, but you will be quieter at Christmas …

useful addresses

Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet
A great collection of Khmer art in Paris (see p. 95).
6, place d’ Iena, 75016 Paris

library Sudestasie

A wide selection of books on Angkor.
17-18 , rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris
Tel. 01 43 25 18 04 .


The official website of the Office of Tourism of Cambodia ( English) .
News Online :
Khmer information in France and Cambodia. An amount of links about Cambodia on :

Getting there

– Aircraft
To visit Angkor , must be based in Siem Reap . There are no direct lines of France to Siem Reap . Vietnam Airlines offers daily flights at great prices , to

Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. It also offers a flight Siem Reap , Luang Prabang , Laos, take the opportunity to visit one of the high places of Buddhism.
– Tour Kuoni The tour operator Kuoni offers individual 12-day stay “Memories of Indochina ” , which allows you to discover Hanoi , Luang Prabang and Angkor. Kuoni  is renowned for the quality of its services . Tel. : 08 20 05 15 15

Site of Angkor. The river is also a link between countries torn by history.



A tourist visa is issued by a Lao diplomatic or by immigration at the border , valid for one entry . It is possible to obtain a tourist visa , valid for 15 days  at some crossings (bring a passport photograph ) .

Lao Embassy in France

Embassy of the People ‘s Democratic Republic
74 Ave. Raymond Poincaré
75116 Paris
Tel. 01 45 53 02 98

on the spot

Embassy of France
Setthathirath Avenue . B P 6 Vientiane, Laos
Tel. (00 856) 21 26 74 00 .


“Laos “, ed. ? Footprint Gallimard 2008 € 16.45 .A guide both erudite and very practical.

“Laos “ed. ? Lonely Planet2008 € 22.60 .A detailed exploration of the country.


As usual for Asian destinations, Lonely Planet guides make the difference. More accurate and practical, they cover all aspects of the destination. Concerned about the local situation , the guide asks the boycott of Burma. Lonely Planet chooses his side citing the Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi : “Tourists can open the Burmese people in the world, as well as the Burmese people can open the eyes of tourists … ”

Getting there

To visit Burma , must obtain a visa. It is valid for 28 days and is not a multiple entry . No visa is issued upon arrival in the country.

Burmese Embassy in France
60 , rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris
Tel. 01 56 88 15 90
Embassy of France in Burma
102 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road
Tel. [95] (1 ) 212 520 or 523
www.ambafrance –
Email: ambafrance.rangoun @


As in other countries in the region , parasitic diseases transmitted by insects are found in wetlands.