6 attitudes to adopt for safety while traveling solo

Alone in travel, most of you have the same feeling : fear of insecurity .Being afraid is a normal feeling, the opposite would be disturbing and even dangerous. It should nevertheless learn not to show his fears to avoid problems . Here are 6 attitudes to adopt for safety while traveling solo :

1 – Step forward with confidence, assurance and follow his instincts

Someone who does not trust him exudes insecurity by his attitude and becomes an easy prey is it in your country as elsewhere in the world. The foreign country seems you more dangerous because it is the unknown and sometimes the loss of reference but it is sometimes (not always) more dangerous than your country . I advise you to always walk with confidence and assurance to avert the danger. How ? Move the head and sharpened eyes , looking for any suspicious behavior . Over time, you learn how to connect your radar to detect problems and to change the street when someone will seem suspicious , walk into a store when you feel you followed or approach someone you seem nice to avoid boredom X or Y. Over time your instincts guide you and you simply create new benchmarks that will allow you to move forward with less fear .

2 – smile and a positive attitude

The smile is definitely an effective weapon . We can spend a lot of messages with that weapon and especially open unexpected doors. Someone who always has a smile seems more fun and pleasant as someone who “makes the mouth “. This is the same everywhere in the world! With a smile , you will have less problems and attract the sympathy of the premises. It is easier to come to you and sometimes you will be overwhelmed by stress. In writing this I think of India, where when you walk around with a camera in hand, you can avoid the photo requests .

3 – Respect the traditions and pay attention to its

Depending on the country where you are going , be aware of traditions not to shock or attract trouble. I think in India, where it is indecent to walk knees air and shoulders discoveries but also to Muslim countries not to attract looks annoying and indecent or , better try to blend into the crowd . Without going to wear the veil , it is best to avoid wearing tight clothing or too short . You will soon understand the clothing attitudes to adopt , especially crossing the eyes . I remember in India I could not swim in the sea outside the expected ranges for tourists. I tried once and found myself with a dozen men out of nowhere around me. In southern Jordan, men’s eyes were so disturbing that I never went in without being ultra – covered . Tip: always carry a scarf or sarong out to cover her shoulders or knees and draw less attention.

4 – Do not be vulnerable

When traveling solo, it is advisable to be very careful about what you drink or what you smoke and especially with that ! Unless one is clear , the more you are weak and vulnerable , the more we become an easy prey to rob . My advice is to be careful with whom one comes to offering us a drink and imagine a return to his guesthouse before you start drinking . If you are more back to your hotel, everything is fine, if you are alone, it is better to avoid drinking recklessly to maintain control of his attitude. Sometimes it is better to take a taxi than risk his life in the streets. I think of some South American cities that become cut throat past 9pm . It is not a myth but a reality .

5 – Listen to the advice of local

On my arrival in South America , I met many travelers who were robbed of their belongings during the day at a street corner . Bad luck but often imprudent . My advice is to listen to the advice of local , they know better than anyone the areas where we should not set foot . When someone tells you to put away your camera as you draw eyes , put it , when you are told not to stay in a neighborhood because it is dangerous for tourists , leave it . If I did not feel more insecure than that in Asia, by cons I had much more concern in South America. So I made ​​a habit arriving in a guesthouse ask neighborhoods to avoid, to adopt attitudes with my camera , etc. … I got so valuable advice that has saved me some serious problems.

6 – Do not try with your wealth

The majority of the country you are going through , whether in Asia, Africa and South America are poor countries . We represent other foreign source of easy money. Stealing jewelry, a digital SLR or a laptop and can sell to support a family several weeks or months so better think twice about what you take with you before going for a walk. During my trip , I have worn no jewelry value . My camera and computer equipment could still try . In South America , for example , I never kept my camera around my neck . It was always stored in my bag and not go out when I wanted to make a picture. I have not adopted the most spontaneous way to take pictures but this is the price to pay to feel safe. I never went out with a bag at night, but always with the subsistence minimum in pockets, that is enough to pay me to eat and drink , and always easy to access in case of a problem ticket.

The fear of insecurity should not be a barrier to travel solo but rather a motivator to excel and push back its own limits of the impossible ( without taking unnecessary risks ) . I used to say that insecurity is every corner , around the world as here at home. Why put up barriers and deprive an adventure out of the ordinary (see short . I went around the world), then you can live the same kind of unexpected , theft or injury to you ? Over time, you learn to feel at home anywhere in the world after a few days of travel solo

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